A great man (I think it was Mr Miyagi from The Karate Kid) once said:

"There is no such thing as a bad student. Only a bad teacher".

Wise words.

And some that really make sense to me, having been involved in drum and music

education professionally for the past 10 years. In that time I have been extremely

fortunate to have met some truly inspirational teachers and I would like to dedicate

this blog/magazine - (you could call it either a blogazine or a blagazine, depending

on if you think I know what I'm talking about!) - to those drummers who have really

made a difference in the world of drums and drum education.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tuomas Vuorio Interview

MERRY CHRISTMAS all you Drumazine readers!  Here is one half of the Christmas day interview special with Finlands very own metal drumming hero, Tuomas Vuorio!!!

Drumazine: Hello Tuomas! Welcome to Drumazine! For those people reading who might not already know you, please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career as a drummer.

Tuomas Vuorio:  Hi everyone.  I'm Tuomas Vuorio - 28 yrs old (semi) professional drummer from Finland.  "Semi" because i have an actual day job!  I live in Turku and I play in 5 different bands -  Mysore is my main band.  I have played for lots of different bands and many different styles.

Dzn: Now a typical, but essential question: How old were you when you started drumming?

TV: At age of seven.

Dzn: And did you have lessons at school, or with a private drum teacher?

TV: Well, for the first three years my uncle taught me to play drums.  After three years I had better technique and stamina, so I started to take drums lessons from Finnish professional drummer Petteri Määttänen.

Dzn: Was your teacher at that time an inspiration?

TV: Yes at that point he was and after 20 years i can still find the same mannerisms between Petteri`s style and mine.

Dzn: Have you had any other form of education in drums and/or music?

TV: Yes, i have played 5 years in Salon Musiikkiopisto, (playing everything from Marmibas to Timpani)

Dzn: What would you consider to be your first “success” in music?

TV: When people began to recognize me on the street as the rock drummer who played in the "well-known" band...

Dzn: Would you describe this as a “defining moment” in your career?

TV: It was nice, but of course fame did bring lots of pressure.  After all, I was 17 years old when it happened.

Dzn: You’ve talked about success; have there been any failures, defeats or bad times you can tell us about?

TV: Sure we had some failures too.  Young age, racy lifestyle and alcohol all combined to have a detrimental effect on our shows and music, so because of that we became a shooting star.  "Quickly to the public, but fast obscurity".

Dzn: So, would you describe the problems you have encountered as physical or psychological?

TV: I have been spared from major injuries.  Only minor physical injuries: bruises and a distorted ankles etc...

Dzn: How have you combated this problem?

TV: A lot of sports, exercise variety and good muscle fitness

Dzn: Onto equipment! For all those gear-heads out there, what kit (drums/cymbals/anything else you would like to mention) do you play?

TV: Well im a equipment junkie!  I have two drum sets.  My main kit is Pearl Masters Custom MMX (Silver sparkle) Kit, with 10", 12", 13", 16" Toms, and 22"x18" Kickdrum.  My secondary kit is Shine Custom Drums 100% Birch (RootBeer wallnut) kit, with 8",10",12,",14",16" Toms and 2x 22"x20" Kickdrums.
I have 3 snares at the moment.
13"x6.5" Pearl Joey Jordison snare (Custom painted, with stars on it )
13"x5" Jackshop Bubinga snare
14"x6.5" Pearl Reference snare (Maple / Birch)
I use Sabian cymbals, mostly AAX series, and i have also LOADS of fine Turkish cymbals by Diril Cymbals at my studio.
Basic setup of cymbals i use is 2x14" Hats, 2x 22" MegaBell ride, 17",18",19" Crashes, 6",8" Splash, 18", 19" Chinas.
I use Pearl Hardware 1000 & 2000 series.  Pearl Icon rack (custom modified) and 2xPearl RH-2000.
Tama SpeedCobra Doublepedals and Pearl DemonDrive double pedals
iPod, Palmer D.I Box, Soundcraft Mixer, Shure IN-Ear monitors.

Dzn: With the advent of new technology on what seems to be a daily basis, what modern technology do you incorporate into your:
a. Practice? TV: (iPod, with guitar tracks and click)
b. Live performance? TV: (iPod with click, Backing tracks)
c. Recording? TV: (Click, Trigger for bass drums. (only for the midi tracks, when i wanna have little power from steven slate) 
d. Teaching? TV: Click, drum machine, digital recorder

Dzn: Is there any other advice you would like to give young drummers?


Dzn: Would you like to promote yourself a little bit? Now’s your chance! Please tell us about any tours, releases, web links, endorsements etc…

TV: So everyone feel free and go check out my band:
We`re arrangin few big tours for summer 2012, stay tuned \,,/
And last but not least, im endorsed with:
Sabian, Balbex Drumsticks, Beyerdynamics, Aquarian Drumheads, Cympad.

Dzn:  Thank you and Merry Christmas to you Tuomas!  Keep smashing the drums up and we look forward to hearing from you in 2012!

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